Shake Rag Alley

Shake Rag amazing place for creative inspiration...

  •     An art center offering terrific adult and youth workshops in a wide range of arts and crafts taught by awesome instructors,  
  •    With a newly renovated 1940's Quonset Hut (the Lind Pavilion) that is an awesome classroom and event space, 
  •    And a fully equipped Jewelry Studio. 
  •    And a Blacksmithing Shop with 6 forges outside the Barn, 
  •    And an outdoor theater nestled against a limestone cliff (Alley Stage),
  •    And comfortable student lodging in wonderful historic buildings,
  •    Run by an energetic and talented group of artists, staff, and volunteers committed to inspiring creativity in EVERYONE,
  •     Occupying a magical 2 ½ acre campus of rambling paths, stone walls, and 1800’s buildings amid a jumble of charmingly overgrown gardens that surround an ancient spring,
  •     Located in the classic American small town of Mineral Point (population 2600) that is dotted with 1800’s stone miner’s cottages the color of butter, loaded with artists and galleries, populated by the friendliest people you could ever hope to find, and where there are NO stoplights or strip malls,
  •     In sparsely populated, scenic Southwestern Wisconsin, where night skies are filled with stars, peace and quiet soothes the soul, and the stresses of urban life melt away.

In short, the perfect place to get away from it all and indulge your creative spirit.

Lind Pavilion

Coach House


Cabinet Shop and Log Cabin

Weaving on Cab Shop porch

Ellery House

Rock bridge over the stream

Ellery patio

Rustic brick stairs

Up the path to Potters House

The Barn
Alley Stage